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Gardens Illustrated August 2015

Small Town Gardens
Gardens Illustrated, August 2015

“…You need to be practical but bold. Give yourself plenty of space to live outside..”

Gardens Illustrated August 2015 (PDF 2.91MB)

FT Weekend thumbnail

The flowers and the glory
Financial Times, May 2015

“…when I design a garden, I consider that anything is possible:I’m afraid of nothing!…”

FT Weekend May 2015 (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Women Garden Designers thumbnail

Women Garden Designers 1900 to the Present
Book, May 2015

“…Jinny capitalises on her creative and problem solving skills by using a general ethos or approach rather than a particular style…”

Women Garden Designers 2015 (PDF, 6.1MB)

Country Life Cover_thumbnail

Timeless modernism
Country Life, March 2015

“…by the advice of Jinny Blom, was the idea of clearing away the modern plantation of trees to realize the potential of the site with its fine views…”

country life march 2015 ( (PDF, 1.71 MB)


GI Cover thumbnail

Women in garden design
Garden Illustrated, January 2015

“…I realised just the other day that I’ve designed my own perfect job. It’s bloody hard work, but I’ve only myself to blame…”


Gardens Illustrated January 2015 (PDF, 2.95 MB)

Vogue, September 2014

Skye’s News
Vogue, September 2014

“…We seem to be this band of creative, determined women coming together on this project and that is my idea of fun…”

Vogue, September 2014(PDF,4.4MB)

Secret Gardens thumbnail

Secret Gardens
Alan Le Toquin, 2014

“…when I design a garden, I consider that anything is possible:I’m afraid of nothing!…”

Secret Gardens 2014 (PDF, 6 MB)

Secrets de paysagistes thumbnail

Secrets de paysagistes
Alan Le Toquin, 2014

“…J’aime que mes clients s’approprient le jardin et y creent leur propre histoire…”

Secrets de paysagistes 2014

GI June 2013 cover

Clear vision
Gardens Illustrated, June 2013

“…I wanted it to be like a medieval illumination, with that false perspective you always get in those ancient manuscripts..”

GI, June 2013(PDF, 4.4MB)

Country Life, 15 May 2013

This green and pleasant land
Country Life, 15 May 2013

“…intricate floor patterns of the B&Q Sentebale Garden is inspired by key cultural features of the tiny African kingdom..”

Country Life, May 2013(PDF, 3.1MB)

House & Garden June 2013

Focus on…Chelsea
House & Garden, June 2013

“Jinny has designed a conceptual garden evoking the landscape and traditions of Lesotho…surprisingly the climate and landscape of Lesotho is like Wales…”

House & Garden, June 2013(PDF, 2.4MB)

The Daily Telegraph, 7 May 2013

Mud-raking with my pal Harry
The Daily Telegraph, 7 May 2013

“A flower for his brother, funky music, but no hot tub. The Prince’s Chelsea garden will cause a stir, its creator tells…”

The Daily Telegraph, May 2013(PDF, 2.5MB)

Radio Times May 2013

My Garden for Diana
Radio Times, 18-24 May 2013

“Prince Harry’s beautiful forget-me-not garden at the Chelsea Flower Show is dedicated to his mother, reveals designer Jinny Blom”

Radio Times, May 2013(PDF, 2.3MB)

The Garden RHS May 2013

Chelsea at 100
The Garden, May 2013

“…the round houses, striated mountain tops and beautiful green valleys filled with willows…”

The Garden, May 2013(PDF, 2MB)

Gardens Illustrated May 2013

Chelsea 2013 Preview
Gardens Illustrated, May 2013

“I’m someone who seeks synthesis of knowledge…”

Gardens Illustrated, May 2013(PDF, 1.8MB)

Hello Magazine, 13 May 2013

Digging in with Prince Harry
Hello Magazine, 13 May 2013

“Prince Harry is passionately involved with the garden. He was emailing his feedback from his barracks in Afghanistan…”

Hello Magazine, May 2013(PDF, 1MB)

The Lady, May 2013

Blooming with Prince Harry
The Lady, May 2013

“Jinny Blom tells our columnist about the inspiring Chelsea Flower Show garden she’s creating for Prince Harry’s African charity..”

The Lady, May 2013(PDF, 1.8MB)

Daily Mail, CFS Special Souvenier Edition, 2013

Harry’s Garden
Daily Mail, CFS Special Souvenier Edition, 2013

“Fit for a Prince: The Sentebale ‘Forget-me-not’ Garden will raise awareness of Prince Harry’s charity and endeavours…

Daily Mail Souvenir Edition(PDF, 1.7MB)

Absolutely Magazine, May 2013

In Full Blom
Absolutely Chelsea, May 2013

“Jinny Blom, talks to Edwina Langley about sending notes to Prince Harry in Camp Bastion and bringing Lesotho to Chelsea…”

Absolutely Chelsea, May 2013(PDF, 2.9MB)

Nordic and English Gardens 2013

Nordic and English Gardens
Paumes publication 2013

“Paumes visited artists with green fingers living in London, Sweden and Finland..”

Nordic and English Gardens 2013(PDF, 2.47MB)

Homes & Antiques, May 2013

Q&A Jinny Blom
Homes & Antiques, May 2013

“The garden designer on Chelsea and collecting natural specimens, art….and shoes”

Homes & Antiques, May 2013(PDF, 561KB)

Flower, Spring 2013

In Full Blom
Flower, Spring 2013

“Internationally acclaimed English garden designer Jinny Blom leaves a flower trail of joy and beauty everywhere she goes…”

Flower, Spring 2013(PDF, 2.6MB)

Gardens Illustrated, December 2012

10 Ways to improve your garden
Gardens Illustrated, December 2012

“No human being is beyond reach and if you can change their environment they will improve…”

Gardens Illustrated, 2012(PDF, 2.3MB)

The English Garden, August 2012

Private View
The English Garden, August 2012

“This Cotswold gem was designed by Jinny Blom and created over a decade…”

The English Garden August 2012(PDF, 2.3MB)

The Sunday Times, January 2013

Harry designs garden for Diana
The Sunday Times, January 2013

“The third in line to the throne has chosen Jinny Blom, an award-winning landscape design, to create a garden for his African charity Sentebale…”

The Sunday Times, January 2013(PDF, 3.2MB)

Veranda, May 2012

City by design, London Calling
Veranda, May-June 2012

“The winding streets of Clerkenwell follow the curves of medieval lanes. From her sunny design studio…”

Veranda, May – June 2012(PDF, 1.73MB)

Interior Gardens

Tree installation in the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre
Interior gardens, Birkhauser publication 2011

“The Chelsea Harbour Design Centre is in southwest London, tight on the Thames river…”

Interior Gardens (PDF, 7.9MB)

Garden Design Journal, November 2011

A Natural Sanctuary
Garden design Journal, November 2011

“My personal experiences as a child contributed a lot to my rather meandering career path…”

Garden Design Journal(PDF, 1.7MB)

House & Garden, October 2011

Insider, London Design festival
House & Garden, October 2011

“During Focus/11 the showrooms at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour launch their latest collections…”

House & Garden, October 2011(PDF, 2MB)

Gardens Illustrated, July 2011

Summer in a pot
Gardens Illustrated, July 2011

“A potful of meadow…”

Gardens Illustrated, July 2011(PDF, 2.5MB)

Vogue Espana, June 2011

Sentido y sensibilidad
Vogue Espana, June 2011

Vogue Espana, June 2011(PDF, 2.8MB)

Gardens Illustrated, May 2011

Urban Glade
Gardens Illustrated, May 2011

“The entrance to the Primrose Hill family home of Charles and Seema Perez is a surprise…”


Veranda, April 2011

A Wild Order
Veranda, April 2011

“During his east-end London boyhood, the current owner of Temple Guiting Manor dreamed of owning two things: A Bentley car and a house in the Cotswolds …”

Veranda, April 2011(PDF, 3.5MB)

Garden Design, US March 2011

Down to Earth
Garden Design US, March 2011

“In a gardening-crazed nation that loves to talk, read, and gather about the national hobby, the British landscape architect Jinny Blom…”

Garden Design US, March 2011(PDF, 6.7MB)

House & Garden, January 2011

The H&G Guide to the Leading Garden Designers of today
House & Gardens, Jan 2011

“From an initial career in psychology, Jinny Blom took a sideways step into garden design…”

House & Garden, January 2011(PDF, 2.48MB)

Gardens Illustrated, January 2011

Key to the Loch
Gardens Illustrated, January 2011

“There are two ways to approach Corrour Lodge, which sits at the heart of its own 57,000-acre estate…”

Garden Illustrated, January 2011(PDF, 3.5MB)

Quietly charismatic
Gardens Illustrated, Oct 2010

“Jean-Claude is a man of immense charm. Like his pastels he gradually casts a spell that draws one in…”

Gardens Illustrated Oct 2010(1.7MB)

Designer Secrets
Homes & Gardens, Oct 2010

“At this year’s Jardins, Jardin show in Paris, Jinny Blom’s design broke new ground…”

Homes & Gardens October 2010 (1MB)

A Sense of Place
Vogue USA, July 2010

“If at first sight Jinny Blom’s landscapes seem planted fair and square in the tradition of the English garden, they have a disarming…”

Vogue USA, July 2010(1MB)

Gardens Illustrated June 2010

Golden Touch
Gardens Illustrated, June 2010

“Temple Guiting lies in the middle of the Cotswold hills, which roll from Westonbirt in the south…”

Gardens Illustrated June 2010 (1MB)

House & Gardens, May 2010

Rooms with a View
House & Garden, May 2010

“Some gardens give themselves over completely to the landscape that surrounds them; others are inward-looking and contemplative…”

House & Garden, May 2010(PDF, 4.2MB)

Design Showcase
Gardens Illustrated, April 2010

“Jinny Blom has designed three gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show for champagne company Laurent-Perrier – winning gold…”

Gardens Illustrated, April 2010(0.3MB)

Country Life, April 2010

A Cotswold Secret
Country Life, April 2010

“Somehow, the Cotswolds still manage to keep secrets. It is something to do with the landscape, the small, steep…”

Country Life, April 2010(PDF, 6.7MB)

Return of the Natives
The Telegraph, 26 September 2009

“Jinny Blom. the award-winning landscape designer reckons she has planted a million pounds’ worth of native hedging in clients’…”

The Telegraph, 26 September 2009(1MB)

The Beauty of Decay
Gardens Illustrated, September 2009

“There’s something enchanting about exploring old, empty buildings, especially if you catch that rare magical moment just before…”

Gardens Illustrated, September 2009(1.5MB)

Design Critique: Formal Glory
Gardens Illustrated, September 2009

“What most clients want from a garden designer is a safe pair of hands, a confident swagger and a sense of humour…”

Gardens Illustrated, September 2009(1.6MB)

Shock of the New
The Sunday Times, 24 May 2009

“Building or reinventing your own house is a huge commitment in every sense, requiring more than a little courage…”

The Sunday Times, 24 May 2009(1.5MB)

Your Own Garden of Eaton
The Telegraph, 16 May 2009

“A pied a terre in Eaton Square in London is the ultimate trophy property, particularly when it includes a designer-label garden…”

The Telegraph, 16 May 2009(0.9MB)

The Accidential Gardener
Matchbox Magazine, March 2009

“Jinny Blom didn’t always want to be an award winning garden designer. After training in theatre design, Jinny ran her own delicatessen…”

Matchbox Magazine, March 2009(0.4MB)

Sitting Pretty
Gardens Illustrated, March 2009

“Designer Jinny Blom has introduced a range of indoor and outdoor furniture, starting with three stools inspired by her BALI…”

Gardens Illustrated, March 2009(0.4MB)

The Neo-Traditionalist
Domino Magazine, March 2009

“Blom favors a period-specific mood that’s never too perfect or museum-esque. “A garden’s design should always lead…”

Domino Magazine, March 2009(1.2MB)

People: Jinny Blom
House & Garden, June 2008

“Award-winning garden designer Jinny Blom has already chosen her epitaph: ‘This illogical route was traced by the logic of passion…”

House & Garden, June 2008(12.6MB)

Match Point
Garden Design, May 2008

“It was sheep that first made the Cotswolds famous, and prosperous, in the 1400’s. This middle England region has been known…”

 Garden Design, May 2008(11MB)

Focus ’07
Dome News, December 2007

“Offering the best in design and decoration with an emphasis on understated luxury, the importance of Focus is reflected in the high…”

Dome News, December 2007(1.5MB)

A Bit of Rough
The Guardian, 10 November 2007

“When landscape designer Jinny Blom first visited her client’s East Sussex farm in 2002, the three-acre garden was beautifully manicured…”

The Guardian, 10 November 2007(1.6MB)

Soft Centred
House & Garden, June 2007

“Cocooned in its own picturesque little valley, Temple Guiting Manor is a world apart from the realities of everyday life…”

House & Garden, June 2007(0.7MB)

Ecology, But Not As We Know It
Daily Telegraph, 26 May 2007

“Chelsea gives us a sneak preview of where garden design is heading. This year a more holistic approach and greater…”

The Daily Telegraph, 26 May 2007(1.6MB)

Best in Show
Daily Express, 19 May 2007

“Jinny is one of the favourites to land the coveted Best Show Garden award for her Laurent Perrier-backed display, known as…”

The Daily Express, 19 May 2007(1.6MB)

Architectural Digest May 2007

A Modern Classic
Architectural Digest, May 2007

“Das haus erfüllte alle Träume vom Tudor – Landsitz doch das grundstück war mehr Beckett als Shakespeare….”

Architectural Digest, 2007 (PDF 3.2MB)

Chelsea Flower Show ’07
The English Garden, May 2007

“At heart I’m a very retiring person, so exhibiting at Chelsea is excruciating, but it’s a good discipline. Last year’s design blended…”

The English Garden, May 2007(2.1MB)

Jinny Blom
Gardens Illustrated, May 2007

“Symbolising the unpredictable journey we all take through life, a series of pathways on various levels invite visitors to take…”

Gardens Illustrated, May 2007(1.2MB)

Natural Beauty
Gardens Illustrated, April 2007

“Some gardens are imposed upon their surroundings. You know the sort of thing; majestic lawns, deeply luxurious herbaceous borders…”

Gardens Illustrated, April 2007(1.5MB)

Designer Secrets
Homes & Gardens, April 2007

“The gardener’s owners, Emma and Bernard Shapero, asked me to create an outdoor space that would tie in with the very contemporary extension to…”

Homes & Gardens, April 2007(1.3MB)

Land League
House & Garden, June 2006

“When audacious architecture takes form on a rocky outcrop near Ben Nevis, it attracts a lot of attention- even if it is off the beaten track…”

House & Garden, June 2006(0.9MB)

Where to Find Inspiration
Easy Living, June 2006

“This is my favourite time of the year in the garden. The sky is a pale, watered blue, the leaves a fresh, new green. All around us is an air of lovely…”

Easy Living, June 2006(1.9MB)

Outside Interests
House & Garden, June 2006

“Aspects of Jinny Blom’s design for a garden in Scotland (featured in ‘Land League’ in this issue) are resolutely Scottish – the use of…”

House & Garden, June 2006(0.5MB)

Jinny Blom
Gardens Illustrated, May 2006

“I used my sponsor Laurent Perrier as my brief. I’m half French and have a great passion for all things limestone. Laurent Perrier’s vineyards are on chalk…”

Gardens Illustrated, May 2006(0.5MB)

A Sense of Escape
Gardens Illustrated, May 2006

“Concrete can be a harsh and uncompromising material. You might think twice about using it extensively in the enclosed town garden of a genteel Victorian…”

Gardens Illustrated, May 2006(1.8MB)

The Highland Fling
House & Garden USA, February 2006

“A lodge at the heart of a deer stalking estate in the Scottish highlands, you’d expect, would be as traditional as Sherlock Holmes’s tweed cap…”

House & Garden USA, February 2006(1.5MB)

Country Life, January 2006

“If ever there was an opportunity for a domestic building to convey the mood and drama of a wild landscape, it must be that provided by…”

Country Life, 26 January 2006(0.7MB)

The White Stuff
The Sunday Telegraph 17 July 2005

“In a part of Notting Hill where the large stucco houses are painted in ice-cream colours lies an essentially monochrome garden…”

The Sunday Telegraph, 17 July 2005(1.8MB)

White Magic Casts Its Spell
Independent Review, 7 July 2004

“There is, in north-west London, a £3.5m home, a glittering, white tiled property that is a taut exercise in post Bauhaus modernist architecture…”

Independent Review, 7 July 2004(1.2MB)

Physicians’ Garden
The Sunday Telegraph, 8 June 2002

“Jinny Blom’s brief to create a garden for two busy young doctors in Stockwell, south London, was clear from the start. ‘They simply told me, “We don’t garden, we have three children and we entertain a lot…”

The Sunday Telegraph, 8 June 2003(0.3MB)

My Healing Garden
The Daily Mail, 21 May 2002

“I have called it The Healing Garden and have dedicated it in memory of my beloved grandmother, The Queen Mother, as, apart from anything else, she introduced me to the practise of homeopathy, in which she had an abiding interest…”

The Daily Mail, 21 May 2002(0.8MB)

Prince Dedicates Garden To Queen Mother
The Daily Telegraph, 16 May 2002

“The Prince of Wales has dedicated a garden designed by him for the Chelsea Flower Show to the memory of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother…”

The Daily Telegraph, 16 May 2002(1.4MB)

Run of the Mill
The Sunday Telegraph, 19 August 2001

“It is hard to imagine a better gift than an idyllic small garden, attached to an 18th-century water mill, bordered on one side by a swift, noisy brook and on the other by an orchard…”

The Sunday Telegraph, 19 August 2001(0.8MB)

Planting On the Peninsula
The Garden Design Journal, Spring 2000

“An eleventh hour call from the New Millennium Experience Company in January last year altered the subsequent course of our work quite unexpectedly. Our initial meeting at the Dome…”

Garden Design Journal, Spring 2000(1MB)

Less Is Moore
Architects Journal, 15 April 1999

“We wanted to design a building which was as bland as possible,’ says Roger Hawkins of Hawkins/Brown. This may sound like an extreme stance in the context of the ongoing debate about whether galleries should be background or exhibit…”

Architects Journal, 15 April 1999(1MB)