Healing Garden – Chelsea Flower Show 2002

The garden was designed in collaboration with HRH The Prince of Wales. Our aim was to produce a garden compromised entirely of healing plants and natural materials. The structure of the  shelter was made entirely from woven willow and hazel. It was an amazing feat of engineering – a complex shallow curve based on the Fibonacci series from purely natural materials where, these days, steel would be considered essential.  We laid a hawthorn hedge, in full flower, which had never been done before at Chelsea (quite understandably- it was a scary process!). 125 species of native plants were used, representing less than half of the four hundred odd species found in the average British hedgerow.

Daily Telegraph, 21 May 2002(1MB)
Daily Mail, 21 May 2002(0.8MB)
Daily Telegraph, 16 May 2002(1.4MB)
Daily Telegraph, 11 May 2002(1.9MB)